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Parts cleaning

If your business uses machines of any sort, it’s almost certain that your business is doing parts cleaning. It’s a central part of maintenance and repair, quality control, NDT and a host of other business processes. At Safetykleen, we believe that a better approach to cleaning parts presents a massive opportunity for every business to save time and money, and our all-in-one services are designed to turn those opportunities into reality.

A Safetykleen Parts Cleaning Expert

Cut maintenance time by 70% with our all-in-one service

  • Clean more parts, more quickly with no loss in quality
  • Get complete, consistent cleaning performance
  • Simplify your quality control processes
  • Machine servicing, cleaning fluid supply, waste management and compliance documentation all included as standard
  • Save yourself hours of admin every single month


Cut maintenance time by 70% with our all-in-one service

Clean more parts, more quickly with no loss in quality

Get complete, consistent cleaning performance

Simplify your quality control processes

Machine servicing, cleaning fluid supply, waste management and compliance documentation all included as standard

Save yourself hours of admin every single month

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Why choose Safetykleen

50 years

providing world-class parts cleaning

19 branches

across the UK and Ireland


strong team of experts and technicians


customers nationwide


specially tailored solutions installed


services performed each year

For just a simple monthly fee, we provide


Parts washers

That we'll install at your site without any up-front costs


Cleaning fluid

Tailored to your cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals


Rapid response support

That aims to solve technical issues within the hour


Repair & refurb specialists

Who can work at your site to minimise downtime


Waste management

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance

Our parts cleaning solutions

Our parts cleaning solutions

Multi-item cleaning

Our automatic and ultrasonic parts washers can clean many parts at the same time or large items quickly, leaving your team free for other tasks.

High-speed cleaning

Manual cleaning doesn’t have to be slow. Our high-pressure parts washers are up to 10 times faster than traditional machines.

Spray-gun cleaning

Our high-powered automatic and combination spray gun cleaner give consistently excellent results, and can be used with both solvent and water-based thinners.

Specialist solutions

We’ve developed special machines and chemistries that efficiently remove uncured resin, dried paint and rust from parts and tools.

If you need to save time and money

What our customers say

More than 52,000 businesses worldwide use Safetykleen to save time, drive down costs and boost performance.

I sat down and did all the figures to work out what it would save me… And when you add it all up you literally couldn’t do it cheaper any other way. Getting that quality of finish and saving all in one hit… It’s really a no-brainer.

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It’s a great solution for us. The machine cleans better and faster than our previous sink on a drum solvent cleaner, and because it’s self-contained we don’t have to clean our workshop every time we use it.

Read the HPC Classics Case Study

Thanks to the parts washers provided, we have been able to optimise lead times by providing our operators with perfectly clean parts that make their overhaul operations much easier.

Read the Faiveley Transport Case Study

What makes our parts cleaning service better?

  • Market leading technology

    Whether you’re cleaning large items or small, and need easy, automatic batch cleaning, ultrasonics for precision or the focused power of a high-pressure manual parts washer, we can provide a solution for you.

  • Expert advice and support

    Our team of experts are trained to work with you to create an all-inclusive solution that benefits your business from the start and that can change and develop as your needs evolve.

  • Specialist cleaning chemistry

    Every solution we install includes a regular supply of cleaning fluids formulated to provide the cleaning performance you need in terms of quality, predictability and speed.

  • Peace of mind

    Choose Safetykleen, and all the associated stress and struggle of cleaning parts is removed because we always include: regular machine maintenance, refills of cleaning fluids, the removal and management of all the waste from your parts washer, and all the associated compliance.

  • Sustainable solutions

    All the waste created during the cleaning process is removed from your site by our team and taken to the highest possible level required by the Waste Framework Directive. We even formulate our cleaning fluids with specially purified water to minimise energy consumption.

Parts cleaning FAQs

Is parts cleaning important?

The simple answer is, yes. If your business uses machines of any sort and you don’t keep those machines clean, it’s likely that inefficiency and breakdowns will quickly start to cost your business time and money. Regular parts cleaning is an essential part of maintenance, both because it removes dirt and contamination that might impact operation, and because it allows you to examine the machine for signs of wear and tear that might lead to breakdown if left unaddressed.

What are the risks of parts cleaning?

If you’re cleaning by hand with rags and brushes, parts cleaning can be a risky business, and certainly requires specialist PPE to be worn. Using solvents, which are often flammable, hazardous and release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air, is inherently dangerous for operators and the environment. And there’s also a risk of injury to those doing the cleaning, both from handling potentially heavy, awkward parts and from contaminants like metal swarf and grit.

How sustainable is parts cleaning?

The rags and other cleaning tools used when cleaning by hand are often not reusable, or quickly wear out and are not recyclable. And while used solvents can be recycled it requires special equipment and sufficient volume to be cost-effective. But, if you use well-insulated, automatic, programmable parts cleaning machines with aqueous cleaning chemicals instead of solvents, it is possible to develop a process that minimises wastage in terms of energy use, water use and the volume of cleaning waste that has to be handled in a compliant fashion.

What does parts cleaning cost?

How much you have to pay for parts cleaning will depend on lots of things: what items you want to clean, what contaminant is on them and how much, what they are made of, how complex their shapes are, how many there are, how often you need to clean them, and how clean you need them to end up.

Beyond that, however, there are hidden costs to consider. Manual cleaning requires the complete attention of a person or team, and can end up taking a lot of time and energy to achieve the right result. Rags, tools and regular supplies of solvents and other cleaning fluids need to be sourced, purchased and kept in stock. Waste resulting from cleaning has to be stored and disposed of in line with regulations, and all the associated compliance documentation has to be kept up to date.

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