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Automatic parts washers

Save your team time while ensuring fast, effective, environmentally responsible parts washing. Safetykleen’s automatic parts washers combine the latest water-based cleaning technology with easy-to-use processes.

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A parts washer

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Cleaning fluid

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Waste removal

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Our automatic range

Need to save time and money? Our automatic parts washers will free your team from the manual effort of parts cleaning, increase productivity and ensure consistent cleaning performance every time.

Aquakleen automatic

If you have a number of parts to clean in a short time frame, or a bulky difficult-to-clean load, an Aquakleen Automatic parts washer is the perfect answer.

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Aquakleen Automatic Plus

Our multi-stage parts washers provide parts cleaning for even the most demanding situations. Pre-wash, wash, rinse and drying stages can be configured to suit your requirements at the touch of a button.

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The benefits of our automatic parts washers

Ideal for larger loads

If you have multiple parts to clean in a short time frame or are dealing with bulky difficult-to-clean items, an automatic parts cleaner like Aquakleen Automatic is the perfect answer.

High-performance functionality

In addition to heated, filtered reservoirs for cleaning chemistry, our Aquakleen Automatic machines have vertical pumps that deliver improved cleaning with reduced downtime, and motor-driven baskets that rotate parts against the direction of spray for thorough cleaning. Simple digital controls allow cycle times and temperatures to be set to your requirements.

Optimal operator-free cleaning

All our automatic machines improve productivity by leaving the operator free to work on other tasks once cleaning begins. Our multi-stage automatic parts washers have pre-wash, wash, rinsing and drying settings that can be configured to match your requirements.

A range of machine sizes

Our automatic parts washers are available in a range of sizes and formats to handle even the bulkiest parts and components. Top-loading machines offer the freedom to hoist heavy loads directly onto the cleaning basket, while our front-loading models feature mobile loading and unloading platforms that can be loaded by crane and rolled into place for cleaning.

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