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Quick and efficient removal of dried and cured paint.

  • Suitable for cleaning many different types of cured paint (including polyurethane, acrylic, lacquers, epoxy based and powder coating) from a wide variety of metal components
  • Requires minimal operator input, and no involvement from specialist cleaning services
  • Our chemistries are multi-metal compatible, and free from halogenated solvents

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Our specially developed paint-stripping solution

Kleenstrip is an alternative to time- and energy-consuming alternative methods for paint stripping such as high temperature or abrasive blasting. Benefits include speed, flexibility and efficiency in an automated process, and several parts can be stripped simultaneously.

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Machine features

  • Designed to minimise the operator input and allow for greater employee productivity
  • Includes an air curtain and vent to minimise emissions and operator exposure
  • Additional parts can be added to the stripping tank as required mid-cycle
  • Cleaning fluid is circulated to flow over the parts, which provides a consistently high level of performance
Overall Dimensions1038 x 1361 x 736mm
Useable Dimensions455 x 1000 x 362mm
Operating Temperature60 C
Power Requirements230-240 V
Sump Capacity200 litres

Compatible chemistries

  • Our chemistries are compatible to a wide variety of components and substrates, and include corrosion protection to protect metals after stripping.
  • Parts can be rinsed after stripping to remove excess residues before drying.
  • High performance stripping chemistries that offer improvements to traditional cleaning with blasting, acid or halogenated solvents.


We supply and commission the machine



We provide the cleaning chemistry



We train up your staff



We service and clean your machine


Waste removal

We remove used chemistry and replenish it

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