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Case Study – P&R Finishing Ltd

Date: 23 August 2021 | Category: Case studies

How Safetykleen helped

  • Reduced manpower
    requirements by 23%

  • Shot blasting media use
    reduced by 60%

P&R Finishing Ltd is a family-run business that specialises in professional powder coating. Based to the north-west of London, it has been providing private and commercial customers with quality surface preparation, shot blasting and powder coating for over four decades.

It’s also a business with a strong sense of ethics and sustainability, as General Manager Kevin Jerome explains:

We care about our employees, we care about the environment, we care about our customers and we really care about the quality of the services we provide. We want to use the minimal amount of potentially harmful chemicals we possibly can, and also to minimise the amount of time the team spend using them. In this industry you're never going to rule out everything dangerous. But if I can minimise it, I can keep my employees safer.


Having already invested in the latest powder coating technologies, P&R Finishing were looking for a more efficient, more sustainable approach to stripping old paint from the items they were working on.

And with loads of over 25000 items going through the workshop in single week, it was essential that the approach worked consistently and continuously at scale.


The hands-off, multi-item cleaning offered by Safetykleen’s Kleenstrip machine was ideal. The continual flow of stripping fluid ensures consistent paint-removal performance. The Safestrip fluid itself offers a non-hazardous alternative to traditional acid baths and caustic chemicals, and special air filters reduce emissions to minimise operator exposure when the machine is opened after cleaning.


Since its installation, P&R’s Kleenstrip has become an integral part of their process:

“We use the stripping tank for many more purposes than we originally expected,” Kevin explains. “We put practically everything in there if it has paint on it, and don’t even have to think about it. It’s like having another 1.5 people in my workshop… it saves hours in manpower.”

In fact, based on the careful calculations Kevin did when choosing the machine, switching to Kleenstrip has lead to:

  • A 23% reduction in manpower requirements, leaving his team free to focus fully on other tasks
  • A 60% reduction in shot blast media use.

“Whereas before we’d be going through half a ton in three months, it’s now usually eight or nine months before we have to order any more,” Kevin says.

The partnership with Safetykleen has been so successful that P&R have also installed a Sonickleen ultrasonic cleaner to clean cutting fluids and other soils from items before powder-coating. This will clean bulk loads of components, doing a job that once took two men two days in just three hours, and completely removes any need for the trichloroethylene bath that was once a mainstay of this process.

I sat down and did all the figures to work out what it would save me... And when you add it all up you literally couldn't do it cheaper any other way. Getting that quality of finish and saving all in one hit... It's really a no-brainer.

Kevin Jerome, General Manager