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Cleaning chemistries

Safetykleen’s range of specially formulated chemical applications offers customers efficient, effective and high-performance parts cleaning, surface treatment, rust removal, resin stripping and paint removal.

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Our full service approach



We supply and commission the machine



We provide the cleaning chemistry



We train up your staff



We service and clean your machine


Waste removal

We remove used chemistry and replenish it

The benefits of our chemistry range

Safety and compliance

All our aqueous chemistries remove the need for hazardous cleaning materials. When combined with one of our water-based parts washers, they deliver consistent cleaning quality and customer productivity gains.

Rust resistant

Each of our aqueous chemistries includes corrosion inhibiting technology as standard to prevent flash rusting.

No mixing or refilling

Our chemistries are always supplied, transported, mixed and commissioned by our expert team. This means that your business never loses time or effectiveness experimenting with, or sourcing, cleaning chemicals.

A huge range of machine and chemistry combinations

The breadth and depth of our range allows us to provide a wide variety of parts cleaning services for all kinds of metal, rubber, plastic and composites, effectively removing oils, greases, lubricants, cutting fluids, dyes, inks, rust, fibreglass resin, wet and dry paint and many other forms of contamination.

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