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Manual parts washers

Modern manual parts washing machines have moved far beyond the traditional basin and drum models used for solvent-based parts cleaning. Our current range includes easy-to-operate Aquakleen machines that deliver targeted cleaning using environmentally sound water-based chemistries, and high-pressure Jetkleen machines that can deliver effective cleaning up to 10 times faster than a traditional parts washer.

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Our manual machine range

Get fast, easy to operate targeted cleaning with our high-pressure parts washers.


Our first high-pressure machine, Jetkleen is particularly suited to cleaning items that can be held in one hand.

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Jetkleen S

This compact machine is small enough to fit into most workspaces with ease.

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Jetkleen XL

Jetkleen XL’s front-loading design makes it ideal for very large, heavy, difficult to handle components.

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The benefits of our manual parts washers

Hands-on cleaning

Manual parts washers deliver surface cleaning performance via a flow-through brush, allowing the operator to target the cleaning power where it is needed most. They are ideally suited for use with smaller components, and where inspection while cleaning is important.

Designed for performance

Features like heated detergent reservoirs, a cleaning basin that doubles as a soak tank, and a re-circulating fluid system that prolongs the life of any chemistry used are designed to make our manual parts washers easy and efficient to use. And the foot-pedal operated flow system leaves both hands free for cleaning.

Versatile chemistry options

Our unique cleaning chemistries are formulated to deal with a wide variety of soils, from grease and grit to wax and oil. Some contain a powerful corrosion inhibitor to prevent flash rusting, others are specifically designed to not foam for maximum cleaning visibility. We even have special chemistries that are approved for use by the aerospace industry.

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