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Spray gun cleaner liquids

Removing fresh paint from airbrushes and spray guns is an absolute requirement for ensuring painting quality and equipment durability. And at Safetykleen we have a range of thinners and water-based gun machine detergents for removing solvent-based and water-based paints.


A spray gun cleaner

That we'll install without any up-front costs


Cleaning fluid

Tailored to your parts cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals


Training & support

So your staff know how to get the best out of your cleaning machine


Regular machine maintenance

Cleaning, servicing and repair are included in the price


Waste removal

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance


Already invested in a spray gun cleaner?

Let us supply the cleaning fluids & support

Already invested in a spray gun cleaner?

Let us supply the cleaning fluids & support


Our range of spray-gun cleaning liquids

Whether you use water-based or solvent-based paints, Safetykleen is able to provide you with the right product to remove all traces from airbrushes or spray guns used in the painting process.

Solvent-based paint thinners

Our thinners are extremely effective for cleaning equipment used for painting with solvent-based paints and are free from chlorine derivatives.

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Water-based paint removers

For the accurate removal of water-based paints from HVLP spray guns, gravity guns and vacuum guns, we have several highly effective and VOC-free products available that can be used hot or cold.

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Multipaint spray gun cleaning

Removes all types of water or solvent based paints in less than six minutes. No need to have two separate machine and chemistry combinations.

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Why choose a Safetykleen spray gun liquid?

Products for every need

Safetykleen is able to supply spray gun cleaner fluids suitable for removing both solvent-based and water-based paints. Our solutions can ensure an optimal level of painting equipment cleanliness and minimise the risk of colour contamination. On top of that, our products are free of silicones and derivatives that can lead to paint finish defects like cissing and cratering.

All-inclusive service

Our expert team will provide a spray gun cleaning service that covers all your needs: delivering regular supplies of paint-gun cleaning liquid to your site; cleaning and emptying your machine; refilling your reserve of cleaning liquid; and removing waste in a compliant manner.

Sustainability and safety

The products we offer for removing water-based paints are water-based themselves. This means they are non-flammable and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), minimizing risks to operator health and the environment. And at the end of their life, our thinners are recovered and put back on the market to further reduce their environmental impact.

Our spray gun cleaner range

Our paint spray-gun cleaning machines have been specifically designed to thoroughly clean HVLP spray guns, gravity guns and vacuum guns, eliminating any traces of paint and preventing any form of contamination between different colours.

Models for every need

Our range includes manual and automatic gun wash machines that can meet the varying needs of workshops, body shops and industrial paint shops. In addition, our machines can be used with multiple washing liquids, depending on the type of paint or ink to be removed.

Safety above all

All of our spray-gun cleaners include efficient suction systems that ensure a safe working environment and keep VOC emission levels to a minimum.

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