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Easy and efficient ultrasonic cleaning for larger parts.

  • Suitable for cleaning components with difficult to reach areas, such as filters, carburettors, optics, turbo units, heat exchangers, gearboxes, cylinder heads and PCBs
  • Automatic lift platform for easy, safe loading and unloading
  • Weir system clears oil and debris from the bath of the machine

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Precision cleaning for intricate shapes and structures

This ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasound pressure waves that agitate the fluid at a very high velocity. These cause micro-implosions known as cavitations. These in turn create a scrubbing action against any solid surface in contact with the fluid, rapidly removing soiling and contaminants.

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Machine features

  • Large touchscreen for simple operation
  • Programmable temperature and cleaning cycle duration
  • Fully programmable scheduling operation
  • Weir system clears loosened soils and debris away from parts after cleaning
  • Multiple sizes and load platform options cater for a range of part and component dimensions
This product:
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Overall Dimensions1212 x 888 x 1422mm1474 x 1023 x 1623mm1654 x 1067 x 1676mm2115 x 1510 x 1580mm2360 x 1745 x 2065mm
Usable Dimensions750 x 371 x 335mm940 x 476 x 385mm1060 x 520 x 435mm500 x 900mm600 x 1150mm
Max Load60kg250kg350kg500kg600-1000kg
Power Requirements415 V415 V415 V400 V (3 phase)400 V (3 phase)
Sump Capacity175 litres308 litres418 litres200 litres400 litres

Compatible chemistries

  • Our unique detergents are specifically formulated to harness the power of ultrasound.
  • Includes technology to quickly encapsulate soils to reduce recontamination.
  • Contain powerful corrosions inhibitor to prevent flash rusting.
  • Classified as non-hazardous and non-flammable for increased safety.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Aerospace-approved detergents are available.


We supply and commission the machine



We provide the cleaning chemistry



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Waste removal

We remove used chemistry and replenish it

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