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Ultrasonic parts washers

The precision cleaning and high-quality finish offered by our ultrasonic machines is ideal for removing oil, grease, rust, dust, metal particles and NDT penetrants from complex parts and components.

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Waste removal

We remove used chemistry and replenish it

The benefits of ultrasonic parts cleaners

Cutting edge technology

Ultrasonic machines clean using sonically generated pressure waves that agitate the cleaning in the machine at a very high velocity to cause micro-explosions known as cavitations. This ultrasonic cleaning process is perfect for cleaning all types of soiling from components with recesses, blind holes and threaded areas.

Operator-free cleaning

All our ultrasonic machines enhance your productivity by leaving your team free for other tasks once cleaning has begun.

Safety and simplicity

The VOC-free cleaning uses non-hazardous, pH neutral cleaning fluids specifically designed to harness ultrasonic energy, the automatic platform makes loading and unloading easy, and compared with other ultrasonic cleaners, our machines are quiet (less than 65Db for some models).

A range of machine models

We offer several types sizes of ultrasonic cleaner, and load platform to cater for a range of part and component dimensions. The machines are top-loading, giving you the option of hoisting heavy loads directly onto the cleaning basket, and we have both heavy duty and fine cleaning options depending on your specific needs.

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