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Ultrasonic cleaners

Our state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning machines provide unparalleled precision cleaning and impeccable finish, making them the perfect choice for thoroughly eliminating oil, grease, rust, dust, metal particles, as well as NDT penetrants from intricate parts and components.

A Safetykleen Parts Cleaning Expert

Cut cleaning times by up to 70% with our all-in-one service

  • Automatic and high-speed manual parts washers
  • Regular machine servicing and cleaning fluid supply
  • Waste management and compliance documentation as standard
  • A network of 19 branches across the UK and Ireland
  • No up-front costs, just simple monthly fees

Cut cleaning times by up to 70% with our all-in-one parts cleaning service


  • Automatic and high-speed manual parts washers

  • Regular machine servicing and cleaning fluid supply

  • Waste management and compliance documentation as standard

  • A network of 19 branches across the UK and Ireland

  • No up-front costs, just simple monthly fees

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An ultrasonic cleaner

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Cleaning fluid

Tailored to your cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals



So your team knows how to use your ultrasonic cleaner effectively



Regular machine servicing and cleaning is included in the price


Waste removal

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance

Our ultrasonic cleaner range


Easy to load, a push-button lift/lower function and a weir system for clearing waste away from parts.

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Adaptable ultrasonic cleaning available in low- and high-frequency models and a range of sizes.

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Rustkleen Ultra

Ultrasonic rust removal that’s 10-times faster than basic immersion.

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Ultrasonic cleaner FAQs

Find the right ultrasonic cleaner for your business

Why choose a Safetykleen ultrasonic cleaner?

  • Cutting edge technology

    When it comes to cleaning components with complex geometries, our ultrasonic machines represent the epitome of cutting-edge technology. Harnessing the power of sonically generated pressure waves, our machines create high-velocity cavitations that result in a micro-explosion of dirt, grease and grime, allowing every nook and cranny to be expertly cleaned.

  • Operator-free cleaning

    Free up your team’s time with our ultrasonic machines. These high-tech cleaning solutions optimize productivity by allowing your staff to attend to other essential tasks once the cleaning process is underway.

  • Safety and simplicity

    Our ultrasonic cleaners use non-hazardous, VOC-free cleaning solutions specifically developed to harness ultrasonic energy for a quick and effective clean. An automatic platform inside the machine simplifies the loading and unloading process, and our quiet technology makes our machines ideal for use even in noise-sensitive environments.

  • A range of machine models

    The various sizes of ultrasonic cleaner we offer can accommodate different part and component dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for your cleaning requirements. The machines are top-loading, giving you the option of hoisting heavy loads directly onto the cleaning basket. Plus, we offer both heavy-duty and fine cleaning options, so you can choose the solution that best suits your specific needs.

Ultrasonic cleaner FAQs

What does an ultrasonic cleaner do?

Our ultrasonic parts washers harness the power of ultrasound and water-based cleaning fluid to deliver an impeccable clean. By converting electrical energy into high-frequency sound waves, the transducer creates tiny bubbles called cavitations. These bubbles burst, creating a scrubbing action that effectively removes dirt and debris from the surface of the part being cleaned. The frequency of the ultrasound determines the size of these bubbles, meaning higher frequencies yield smaller bubbles, resulting in a finely detailed clean that is perfect for delicate medical and dental instruments or intricate parts. On the other hand, lower frequencies produce larger bubbles, making them ideal for tackling tough grease and heavily soiled parts, such as engines.

What can you clean with an ultrasonic cleaner?

If an item can safely be submerged in liquid without damage, an ultrasonic machine can be used to clean it. From glassware and ceramics to delicate and thin structures like lenses, even the most fragile items can be safely and effectively cleaned using ultrasound. The beauty of this process lies in its ability to clean even the most complex shapes, intricate threads, and multi-part items, such as fine chains.

What can an ultrasonic cleaner remove?

Ultrasonic machines essentially amplify the cleaning capacity of the liquids used in them. This enables them to eradicate contaminants ranging from simple grime and grease to polishing compounds and the penetrants used in non-destructive testing. They’re highly efficient at removing the microscopic particles that tend to cling to surfaces after processes like grinding or abrading. In some instances, we’ve seen ultrasonic cleaners successfully used to eliminate soot stains from items affected by fire.

What is the best solution to use in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Given the adaptable nature of ultrasonic cleaning, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The perfect cleaning fluid would depend on your specific cleaning requirements and industry sector. For instance, Safetykleen offers options tailored to the demands of the aerospace industry and for rust removal. Generally, cleaning fluids that are pH neutral to slightly alkaline, with corrosion prevention properties, are likely to fulfill most requirements.

Do ultrasonic cleaners really work?

Definitely! Ultrasonic cleaning provides a highly efficient precision cleaning solution for parts and components, and its effectiveness has been validated across a wide range of industries. The technology has developed to be both robust and efficient, and can easily be adjusted to cater to specific business demands. Similar to other automatic parts cleaning approaches, it’s an excellent way to generate long-term cost savings and boost productivity, particularly because it minimizes the need for staff involvement in cleaning, even on a large scale.

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