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Specialist cleaning fluids

Thanks to the experience gained during almost 50 years of activity, Safetykleen has developed various solutions for special parts cleaning needs: our special liquids are able to offer an effective removal of stubborn contaminants such as rust, resin, ink and dry paint.


Parts washers

That we'll install without any up-front costs


Cleaning fluid

Tailored to your parts cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals


Training & support

So your staff know how to get the best out of your parts washer


Regular machine maintenance

Cleaning, servicing and repair are included in the price


Waste removal

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance

Our Specialist cleaning liquid range

Safetykleen offers several products dedicated to specialist parts washer uses such as paint stripping or the removal of particularly stubborn contaminants such as resin, rust and ink on which degreasing is not effective.

Paint removal liquids

Our specialist applications include an efficient, safe and energy-efficient alternative to traditional paint-stripping methods such as abrasive blasting or pyrolytic cleaning. Achieve total removal of dry paint from metal and multi-material surfaces with simple immersion.

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Rust removal liquids

Our rust removal liquids offer an easy, effective approach to derusting, eliminating the need for mechanical operations such as sandblasting and preserving decorated or painted parts.

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Ink removal liquids

Safetykleen offers a wide range of liquids for removing water-based, pigment and UV inks from squeegees, trays, inkwells, anilox rollers and other tools commonly used in pad, flexo and screen printing.

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Liquids for removing resin

Our resin removal solution has been specially designed as a safer “non-hazardous” alternative to traditional solvents like acetone and toluene. Its unique anti-freeze formulation ensures that resin does not stick back onto to rollers, brushes and other tools at the end of the wash.

Why choose specialist cleaning from liquids Safetykleen?

Specific products for specialist uses

Over the course of five decades, we have developed dedicated systems for the removal of dry paint, rust, resin and ink, carrying out hundreds of tests to identify the most effective and safe solutions for the removal of these stubborn contaminants.

All-inclusive service

Our approach to specialist cleaning does not end with the delivery of drums to customer sites. Our experts take care of the replacement of the liquid inside the machine, emptying out the spent liquid and waste, and refilling the machine with a fresh supply. We remove the waste from your site and handle the associated compliance documentation for you. That means no storage requirements at your site, and minimal time cost for your team.


The specialist solutions developed by Safetykleen for the removal of dry paint, resin and rust are safer than alternatives available on the market. The liquids we use replace highly volatile solvents and acids, or offer workable alternatives to wasteful processes like blast cleaning that can easily damage surfaces.

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