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Water-based parts washer fluids

Safetykleen has always been at the forefront in developing effective water-based (or aqueous) fluids that can replace the solvents traditionally used in parts washers. VOC-free and non-flammable, these water-based detergents allow you to remove many types of contaminant from many different types of material, and can be heated for greater cleaning effect.


Parts washers

That we'll install without any up-front costs


Cleaning fluids

Tailored to your parts cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals


Training & support

So your staff know how to get the best out of your parts washer


Regular maintenance

Cleaning, servicing and repair are included in the price


Waste removal

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance

Already invested in a parts washer?

Let us supply the cleaning fluids & support

Already invested in a parts washer?

Let us supply the cleaning fluids & support

Why choose our water-based parts washer fluids?

Effective alternatives to solvent

Our water-based degreasing liquids have been developed and tested over the years in order to offer a better alternative to solvents for the removal of numerous types of contaminants.

An all-inclusive service

Relying on our all-in-one parts cleaning service frees our customers from worry. Regular supply, delivery to the right site, emptying the parts washer and refilling it with fresh cleaning fluid, removing the waste, disposing of it safely and handling related compliance: our parts cleaning experts take care of everything.

Suitable for every need

Our range includes specific products for high-pressure washers that are designed to minimize foam and allow good visibility of washing operations, delicate and neutral PH products for use with sensitive materials like aluminium, and degreasers that contain anti-corrosion agents to prevent rust formation.

Safety and sustainability

Our water-based parts washer fluids are non-flammable and free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), making them a safer and more sustainable alternative to traditional solvents. Many of our products are also pH neutral and classified as “non-hazardous”, which means less documentation and a safer work environment.

Machine and liquid combinations

Combining machine and cleaning fluid ensures the right balance between the 4 aspects of parts cleaning: Temperature, mechanical Action, the Chemical Characteristics of the liquid and Time, or TACT.

Our water-based parts washers

We have a wide range of parts washers that use only water-based detergents. These offer valid alternatives to traditional solvent-based machines, ensuring excellent cleaning performance with reduced risk to user health and the environment.

Manual parts washers

Manual parts washers are perfect for cases where visual inspection of the washing process is essential and where the operator has a small number of components to wash.

Automatic parts washers

Automatic machines are the best option if you need increased efficiency. They enable you to wash multiple parts in a short time, and free your team to carry out other activities during the cleaning cycle.

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