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The compact machine that delivers power and precision.

  • Cleans up to 10 times faster than a traditional manual parts washer
  • Adaptable speed of cleaning with either brush or jet to maximise efficiency
  • Can be operated with the lid either up or down

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A small but highly effective parts washer

Jetkleen S offers an adaptable speed of cleaning with either brush or jet to maximise efficiency. It can be operated with the lid up for regular cleaning and finishing using the brush, or with the lid down and the gloves on, and using the jet nozzle for fast high-power cleaning. The air gun tool enables quick but thorough drying, and the easy-clean drain filter catches larger waste particles to increase overall cleaning efficiency. And with the lid closed, the operator is completely protected from splashes, heat and vapour.

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Machine features

  • Compact size fits into most areas of your business without compromising on performance
  • Clear panel coupled with screen-cleaning blower enables the operator to inspect the parts during the delivery process
  • The 24/7 heating control ensures the machine is ready to go when needed and helps reduce energy consumption
  • Re-circulating fluid system prolongs fluid life and makes cleaning easy
  • Foot pedal operation leaves both hands free for cleaning
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Jetkleen S
Overall Dimensions825 x 590 x 1100 mm

2260 x 1190 x 795mm
3400 x 1650 x 3235mm
1100 x 825 x 640mm
Useable Dimensions700 x 560 x 300 mm
500 x 700 x 400mm
1000 x 1200 mm
90 x 800 x 570mm
Max Load50kg
Power Requirements240 V + 3-6 bar compressed air supply
230-240 V + Compressed Air (3-6 bar)
3 Phase + Earth 415V 50Hz 32A supply
230-240 / 110 V
Sump Capacity60 litres
100 litres
400 litres
60 litres
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Compatible chemistries

  • We have a range of specialist chemistries, ideally suited to our high-pressure machines, that can be matched to your business needs.
  • Low foaming formulations make visual inspection easy.
  • Contain powerful corrosions inhibitor to prevent flash rusting.
  • Classified as non-hazardous and non-flammable for increased safety.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Aerospace-approved detergents are available.


We supply and commission the machine



We provide the cleaning chemistry



We train up your staff



We service and clean your machine


Waste removal

We remove used chemistry and replenish it

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