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Our huge range of machines, our specially formulated cleaning chemistries and our experience working with customers in all sorts of industries mean that, whatever your parts cleaning needs, we can build a solution.

Our experienced team can survey your site, suggest solutions and provide a quote tailored to your business needs.

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Aquakleen Automatic
Water based

The automated solution to high-quality parts washing

Cleans: Small, Medium, Quite Large and Very Large parts

For parts made of: Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Ceramic and Glass

Removes: Grease, Dust, Oil, Coolants, Tar, Bitumen, Wax, Polish, NDT Penetrants, Wet Ink

Key Features

  • Consistent, high-quality, hands-free cleaning and drying
  • Wash large, heavy or multiple items at the same time
  • Loads up to 1000kg (depending on machine spec)
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Specialist chemistry

Safe, antimicrobial disinfection for hand tools

Cleans: Small and Medium parts

For parts made of: Metal, Rubber, Plastic, Ceramic and Glass

Removes: Bacteria, Viruses, Microbes

Key Features

  • Easy disinfection that uses safe and effective bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal chemistry
  • Helps to protect operators who share tools at work
  • Disinfectant works to kill microorganisms quickly to reduce downtime
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Solvent based

Effective removal of un-cured fibreglass resin from hand tools

Cleans: Small and Medium parts

For parts made of: Metal, Plastic, Ceramic and Glass

Removes: Wet Resin

Key Features

  • Extend disposable-roller lifespan by up to 75%
  • A safe alternative to hazardous solvents like acetone
  • Optional spin dryer removes surplus cleaner from rollers quickly
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Specialist chemistry

Quick and efficient removal of dried and cured paint

Cleans: Small, Medium and Quite Large parts

For parts made of: Metal, Ceramic and Glass

Removes: Dry Paint, Dry Ink, Dry Glue, Dry Resin

Key Features

  • For use with with our water-based paint-stripping chemistries
  • Can remove polyurethane, acrylic, lacquers, epoxy-base and power coating
  • 2x25kg baskets
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We remove used chemistry and replace it

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