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Paint thinners for spray guns

Our spray gun cleaner packages include options based around machines that are designed to work with our specially developed range of thinners. The range includes both recycled and virgin products specifically formulated to remove solvent-based paints like acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane paints from spray guns and paint tools.


A spray gun cleaner

That we'll install without any up-front costs


Paint thinners

Tailored to your parts cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals


Training & support

So your staff know how to get the best out of your cleaning machine


Regular machine maintenance

Cleaning, servicing and repair are included in the price


Waste removal

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance


Already invested in a spray gun cleaner?

Let us supply the cleaning fluids & support

Already invested in a spray gun cleaner?

Let us supply the cleaning fluids & support


Why choose a Safetykleen spray gun cleaning thinner?

Perfect finishes

Our thinners allow you to clean spray guns and other paint tools perfectly, preventing color contamination when switching between colours. All of Safetykleen’s paint cleaning solutions are free of silicones and derivatives that could otherwise lead the small, crater-shaped paint defects in the finish known as cissing.

Sustainable cleaning

Safetykleen can provide a wide range of high-quality virgin thinners to meet your paint cleaning needs, but we also recycle.

Our Bochum site in Germany specializes in recycling used solvents and thinners, reformulating them after distillation so that can be re-used, reducing environmental impact, while still retaining the cleaning performance and safety characteristics of the original, virgin product.

A complete solution

Safetykleen’s all-in-one service includes more than just the machine and the thinners that go in it. We deliver fresh supplies of thinners at set intervals so that you do not need to store supplies on site. We empty, clean and refill your paint gun cleaning machine, remove the waste and manage the compliance documentation for you. And we perform regular machine maintenance, and repair or replacement in case of breakdown.

Our Spray gun cleaning range

Our gun wash machines have been specifically designed to thoroughly clean HVLP spray guns, gravity guns and vacuum guns, eliminating any traces of paint and thus preventing any form of contamination or reduction in quality or performance.

Models for every need

Our range includes manual and automatic spray gun cleaners that can meet the varying needs of workshops, body shops and industrial paint shops that work with oil-based paints.

Safe, effective solutions

All of our machines include efficient suction systems that ensure a safe working environment and keep VOC emission levels to a minimum.

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