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How our parts cleaning services improved Cannon Micromec’s quality control process

Date: 19 December 2023 | Category: Case studies

Consistent cleaning results

To help with quality control tests


Reduced cleaning times

Thanks to our high-pressure parts washers


A stress-free process

Thanks to our all-in-one service package


Cannon Micromec was not satisfied with the cleaning results it was achieving with its existing brush-based parts washer. The company needed a more effective way to remove swarf and other contaminants from the components they were producing before moving on to quality control testing.

The company and its needs

Founded in 1953, Cannon Micromec specialises in precision micromechanics, and develops and manufactures complex mechanical components and assemblies to extremely high standards. Since the 1960s the company had worked as a supplier of precision machining for the Cannon Group, and officially joined the Group in 2007.

The Cannon Group is an international holding company specialising in the production of industrial machinery for the processing of polymer resins, the manufacture of industrial boilers and industrial water treatment systems, and for industrial automation. It it operates worldwide through more than 30 companies, subsidiaries and agencies.

Many years of experience, a reputation for producing high performance machinery and for a continuing focus on innovation are central to the company’s way of working, and mean that it is able to guarantee results in line with the highest standards of the market.

In such a quality-conscious company, testing and control of the parts produced is absolutely central because it allows the team to identify any machining problems and correct them quickly, maintaining the level of excellence that customers demand.

The execution of quality controls – such as visual and instrumental tests – requires parts that are carefully cleaned and free of the typical residues of machining, such as swarf, cooling lubricants and grease.


The solution proposed by Safetykleen was a Jetkleen high-pressure parts washer combined with a non-flammable water-based detergent that was free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These specially developed high-pressure machines provide thorough cleaning of even the most inaccessible points up to 10 times faster than traditional ‘sink-on-a-drum’ manual parts washers, thanks to the 32-bar power of the machine’s detergent jet.

The Jetkleen was initially installed as a test, during which Cannon Micromec carried out several parts cleaning tests in the workshops of Samarate (VA). The tests also allowed Safetykleen to evaluate the actual use of the machine by the customer and identify the right frequency of machine maintenance and cleaning fluid replacement to ensure maximum cleaning performance and consistency.


Cannon Micromec has been using the Jetkleen since 2019, and Safetykleen’s all-in-one parts cleaning service has become an integral part of their quality control process, providing:

  • Predictable high-quality cleaning
    The solution always achieves the level of cleanliness necessary to carry out the visual and instrumental testing of the parts produced in the machining centres, ensuring they maintain the highest quality standards.
  • Time savings every cycle
    The high-pressure Jetkleen solution has reduced the time spent on parts cleaning up to 90%, compared to previous operations carried out with traditional manual parts washers.
  • A stress-free process
    Safetykleen’s all-in-one parts cleaning solution is always ready for Cannon Micromec to use. The machine is supplied and installed, maintained and regularly refilled with the required cleaning fluid. Cleaning waste is taken away at each service so that Cannon Micromec does not need to create and support any costly, complex compliance processes.

    Everything is handled by our expert team who are always available to provide assistance and support as required.

Safetykleen's parts cleaning solution has allowed us to reduce the lead time with which small batches, but especially prototypes destined to be checked in the metrology room, move on to the next stage of the production process, without sacrificing the achievement of quality specifications required of that cleaning process.

Fabio Fusé, Plant Manager, Cannon Micromec