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Clearing a historic industrial site

Date: 24 March 2022 | Category: Case studies

Extremely speedy waste removal

Waste removal circa. 30,000 litres of liquid and sludge waste.


Environmental Care

Labelled, packaged, transported, and correct and safe disposal of legacy hazardous waste materials within environment regulations.


Compliance management

Full compliance with the waste certification process.

KDC has over 20 years working in the decommissioning, demolition, and land remediation field. KDC serves the nuclear, oil gas, process, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. Their focus is on safety, health, and the environment (SHE). Safetykleen has been the preferred service provider for clearing hazardous/industrial waste from KDC projects.


KDC CAse Study


Part of the project scope of works included correctly and safely disposing of legacy hazardous waste materials including solvents, tar liquor oils, antifreeze, grease, oils, oily water, and unidentifiable or incorrectly labeled chemicals, all of which were contained within IBCs and various sized drums, which were, more often than not, in various states of disrepair. All of this had to be addressed within a very short timeframe.

This project was a long time in the making with the initial site survey taking place back in July 2021. Lots of planning and negotiating with multiple partners (internal and external) to ensure KDC received the best service from us. I was involved every step of the way and was on site to see the project through from start to finish. A special thank you to Matthew Baldry, who didn’t know me until this job – but without his input, things would have been a lot more chaotic!

Andrea Mulligan, Kleenwaste consultant

Solution – how Safetykleen’s industrial waste service helped

Laura Swindell Project Manager mentioned that “KDCs decision and trust to go with Kleenwaste in order to ensure our waste streams were correctly and appropriately labeled, packaged, transported and disposed of was not misplaced. From the initial meeting with Andrea Mulligan (Business Development Manager for the North-East) to assess the works required; her work ethic, competency, efficiency, positivity, and friendliness could not be questioned, and a similar manner flows throughout her colleagues who were present on our site to achieve the works; with a special mention to Mike, Costi and Clark – excellent chaps!”

Due to the delays with the client, the works associated with Kleenwaste on our site were not given the green light for six months, then when approval did come the client required the works to be done in an extremely speedy timeframe.
However, with Andrea (Kleenwaste consultant) heading up the operation, regardless of the demands of other projects Kleenwaste had ongoing, they jumped straight onto our site and saw our project to completion within an unprecedented timescale. It was no mean feat considering the preparation, repackaging, and logistical organization required to remove circa. 30,000 liters of liquid and sludge waste, alongside their empty vessels, all while dealing with supply shortages experienced by the majority of the country due to the current economic and political climate.

Results, return on investment and future plans

It was a shame to see the work come to an end, but so long as disposal rates within Kleenwaste remain competitive, we won’t be using another disposal company for our hazardous liquid/sludge waste any time in the near future.
It’s rare to come across customer service of this caliber in this day and age, but this area is absolutely smashing it!