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Safetykleen Unveils Ground-breaking Purified Cleaning Technology, Revolutionising Parts Cleaning

Date: 21 November 2023 | Category: Company news

As Europe’s number one expert in sustainable parts cleaning solutions, we’re proud to announce the launch of out game-changing Purified Cleaning Technology.

This break-through innovation marks a significant milestone in cleaning technology, addressing the ever-increasing demand for faster, more efficient, and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.

Purified Cleaning Technology is a triumphant culmination of three key elements, all working seamlessly together to elevate parts cleaning standards across a diverse range of industries:

Water Purification: With an astounding 99% removal of impurities from water, Safetykleen guarantees the purest water for unparalleled cleaning efficacy. This ground-breaking advancement ensures that cleaning is not only better thanks to the absence of unwanted minerals depositing on parts but also stays at consistently high quality throughout the service cycle, meaning customers continue getting reliable cleaning results between two services.

New & Improved Formula Chemistries: Purified Cleaning Technology incorporates upgraded formula chemistries that outperform existing chemical solutions, delivering 2x better and faster cleaning results*. This leap in cleaning chemistry sets a new industry benchmark for cleanliness and speed, enabling customers to make gains in their workshop productivity and energy savings.

Automatic Dosing: Purified Cleaning Technology is integrated with state-of-the-art Automatic Dosing Pumps at each of our nationwide branches, ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency as each customer’s chemistry solution is prepared to order, with the right mix of chemistries, with no manual intervention. The result is consistency and cleaning efficacy guaranteed in the customer’s unique solution every single time.

Purified Cleaning Technology is poised to revolutionise the cleaning industry by setting new standards for speed, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. The pioneering innovation will empower businesses to achieve cleaner, safer, and more sustainable environments with a variety of benefits.

2x Faster Cleaning Time*: Purified Cleaning Technology significantly reduces cleaning time by up to 50%, allowing businesses to optimise their productivity while making savings on energy consumption.

2x Better Cleaning Performance*: The new advanced chemistries of Purified Cleaning Technology, in conjunction with Purified Water, not only guarantee cleaner surfaces but also maintain the cleanliness of parts washers, resulting in longer-lasting cleanliness. This extended cleanliness ensures consistent and dependable results while reducing the risk of breakdowns caused by unwanted mineral deposits.

Consistent Cleaning Throughout Service Cycle: With Purified Cleaning Technology, you can count on the same exceptional cleaning quality with every use, eliminating variability and ensuring user satisfaction. This consistency comes in handy for customers with multiple sites, as they can rely on the same consistent quality throughout all their locations, streamlining operations and maintaining high standards across the board.

Reduced Energy Consumption: Purified Cleaning Technology not only cleans better but also smarter, leading to reduced energy consumption and a more sustainable approach to cleaning. The increased cleaning speed, coupled with the absence of minerals in the water, enhances the efficiency of the parts washer’s heating process, further contributing to significant energy savings.

Purified Cleaning Technology is a testament to our commitment to addressing our customers’ needs across Europe, and our continued focus on innovation and sustainability. At the heart of our mission is customer satisfaction, and we continuously strive for excellence - the new Purified Cleaning Technology is set to revolutionise our customers’ cleaning practices. As we prepare to launch this innovation, we remain dedicated to setting new industry standards, delivering unparalleled efficiency, performance, and environmental responsibility.

Erwin Wieffering, CEO

For more information about Purified Cleaning Technology and how it can benefit your business, please visit or contact our Direct Response Team at 01909 519 300.