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Safe and efficient immersion-based rust removal.

  • Suitable for completely removing rust while ensuring that even delicate features are not affected
  • Simple immersion process, virtually no operator involvement required
  • Works without using hazardous chemicals, for a safer working environment

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One simple process for removing rust

Rustkleen is a water-based immersion method for removing rust and scale that delivers outstanding results while leaving component features intact. It’s a safe and effective solution for a wide variety of situations, including automotive, marine and off-shore, and for the restoration, refurbishment and preservation of components.

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Machine features

  • Does not require electricity, so it can be installed anywhere and keeps energy bills low
  • Removes the need to use hazardous chemicals in your de-rusting process
  • Soak facility reduces operator involvement
  • Small and large tank options cater for differing component dimensions and business requirements
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Overall Dimensions1525 x 1145 x 655 mm
1038 x 870 x 737 mm
1038 x 1361 x 736 mm
Usable Dimensions
310 x 1090 x 575 mm
455 x 500 x 362 mm

455 x 1000 x 362 mm

Max Load

1 x 50kg basket

2 x 50kg basket

Power RequirementsNone
230-240 V
230-240 V
Sump Capacity
200 litres
100 litres
200 litres

Compatible chemistries

  • Rustkleen’s specifically developed chemistry is not hazardous, and targets the removal of rust, leaving fine features and painted surfaces unaltered.
  • The rust molecules are broken and lifted from the surface, and will not re-attach to the parts, which allows them to be rinsed away after cleaning.

Our full service approach



We supply and commission the machine



We provide the cleaning chemistry



We train up your staff



We service and clean your machine


Waste removal

We remove used chemistry and replenish it

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