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Paint Removal Liquids

Our paint-stripping formulations offer an efficient, safe and energy-efficient alternative to traditional stripping chemicals and abrasive stripping methods such as sandblasting, pyrolytic cleaning.


A paint-stripping machine

That we'll install without any up-front costs


Cleaning fluids

Tailored to your parts cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals


Training & support

So your staff know how to get the best out of your cleaning machine


Regular machine maintenance

Cleaning, servicing and repair are included in the price


Waste management

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance

Why choose a Safetykleen paint-stripping liquid?

High quality

Our paint-stripping fluids are compatible with a wide range of components and substrates, and contain anti-corrosion agents to protect metals after stripping.


Safetykleen paint-strippers are a safer alternative to traditional paint-stripping methods such as the use of acids and sandblasting or shot-blasting, which can pose serious health risks to operators and can damage parts in the long run.

Energy and production efficiency

Using chemical paint-stripping requires less energy consumption than other paint-stripping systems such as the pyrolytic oven. But on top of that, our paint stripping fluids are used in combination with automatic machines that do not require the constant presence of an operator, as opposed to methods such as sandblasting that require manual operation by a trained individual.

Complete service

Relying on Safetykleen’s complete parts cleaning service means not having to worry about any elements of paint stripping. Our team will take care of the supply and delivery of your paint-stripping liquids at agreed intervals based on your business needs. As a result there will be no need to store paint strippers at your site. Our team will empty the machine of the used liquid and waste, clean the machine and refill it with the fresh fluid. Finally, they will take the used liquid and waste away when leaving your site so that it can be disposed of in a compliant manner.


Our Kleenstrip parts washer, combined with the appropriate paint-stripping liquid, offers an efficient, flexible and low energy consumption alternative to traditional paint-stripping methods such as abrasive blasting and pyrolytic cleaning.

Efficient and effective

Designed to minimize operator input for increased productivity, Kleenstrip features a recirculating system that keeps the fluid flowing continuously around components to ensure optimal cleaning.

Safety and sustainability

Each Kleenstrip is insulated to allows to reduce energy consumption, keeping the washing temperature constant. Additionally, our Kleenstrip includes an integrated vacuum system to minimize emissions release and operator exposure.

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