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Case Study – ERIKS UK

Date: 8 September 2021 | Category: Case studies

How Safetykleen helped

  • Cost reductions are realised through Safetykleen’s Full Service Model compared to in-house ownership of parts cleaning machine and liquid.
  • Improved productivity with high pressure using aqueous cleaning.

ERIKS UK, in partnership with a major petrochemical client, was asked to set up a large-scale cleaning bay on site to allow them to clean down various large pieces of equipment. ERIKS UK’s Onsite Manager was tasked with sourcing or designing a solution.


ERIKS UK tasked Safetykleen to provide a solution for cleaning down a variety of parts of all shapes and sizes, from small components to large-scale pumps and hoses. These hoses carry various types of slurry, powder, and a range of other media, as do the pumps and other vessels.

The requirement was therefore to provide a single solution capable of cleaning the majority of these items.

  • ERIKS UK & Safetykleen considered two solutions; one, a bespoke build, and the other, to use one of the larger machines in the Safetykleen standard range.
  • Tests were carried out using Safetykleen’s high-pressure Jetkleen machine to see if it could handle the variety of cleaning requirements.
  • The JetkleenXL was chosen as this was able to most effectively handle larger components.


Alan Wooldridge, the Regional Sales Consultant for Safetykleen, made contact with ERIKS UK to discuss their requirements. The original solution considered was the design of a bespoke cleaning unit, to be installed within a container on the client’s site. This was fully costed, including servicing and chemical supply to obtain the true cost of ownership. Whilst conducting an onsite survey an alternative the solution was offered.

Safetykleen’s standard Jetkleen high pressure wash machine was tested and proved to be highly successful on their smaller parts. Once the cleaning capabilities had been established Alan was able to introduce the new  larger JetkleenXL machine as the solution for large, more awkward components.

The JetkleenXL was a standard “off the shelf ” solution to their problem, offering proven, effective cleaning across a wide range of component sizes and soil types. On review of the total cost of ownership, the savings to be made were clear to ERIKS UK. One single monthly bill would give them peace of mind of a standard machine solution, coupled with Safetykleen’s comprehensive service.

Results, return on investment and future plans

The JetkleenXL was delivered and installed on-site, ready to clean some of the largest machine parts as well as easily coping with general day-to-day equipment. The ERIKS UK team are very happy overall with the conclusion to their problem. In the meantime, ERIKS UK and Safetykleen are looking for additional solutions for their site requirements, as well as working with their existing installations to ensure the optimum return is being achieved to improve the Quality, Productivity and Compliance of their processes.