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Case Study – Delta Cafés

Date: 2 November 2021 | Category: Case studies

Delta Cafés

How Safetykleen helped


Health and Safety

A safer solution than acid cleaning


Environmental Care

A water-based solution for a reduced environmental impact


Waste Management

100% compliance on waste collection and treatment

The Challenge

Delta Café Group specializes in the production and sale of coffee, both in large supermarket chains and restaurants. They are a Portuguese brand and leaders in their respective market, with a presence in more then 35 countries around the world through it’s distributors. They are represented by NovaDelta in France.

In the maintenance process of the coffee dispensing machines, the Delta Café workshop must regularly clean the parts, which are found to contain a large amount of limescale upon dismantling, preventing the machines from functioning properly.

Previously, their parts cleaning process consisted of immersing the parts in a dilute hydrochloric acid bath for 30 minutes, then collecting the parts from the bottom of the tank and giving them a final once over by hand.

This process also required constant monitoring by the operators, to prevent parts incurring damage during the process of acid immersion. There was a essential need for constant vigilance due to the flammability of the products used.

The hydrochloric acid reacted with metals in contact, oxidizing the parts during the cleaning process and also reducing their durability. The use of this acid also represented a chemical risk for Delta Café employees, as it is corrosive, so especially dangerous in contact with skin and eyes.

Delta Café decided to contact Safetykleen with the objective of improving the working conditions of their employees, but also to provide them a better and safer working environment. After a specialist visited, they studied the needs of Delta Café and presented a solution to the expectations and requirements in order to improve their cleaning process.

Added to the risk of the chemical process, we also encountered problems with storage, with regards to the treatment of cleaning products used, as well as in the hazardous waste resulting from this process.

After assessing Delta Café needs, our experts presented a 360º tailor-made solution for Delta Café.

The Solution

To respond to the presented needs and after evaluating the operational needs on site, Safetykleen opted to recommend an ultrasonic parts washer.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology provides precision, even when cleaning highly complex parts. Its technology uses ultrasound waves that vibrate parts being cleaned at high speed, enhancing the effectiveness of cleaning.

To obtain an ideal result, our machine was prepared with a detergent solution, specially developed to take advantage of the power of ultrasound.
Sonickleen also has a reservoir system that eliminates debris and dirt on the surface, to reduce re-contamination of newly introduced parts.

Today, Delta Café need only require a cleaning cycle of one hour for very effective, risk-free results, without the need for intervention or supervision from their employees.

Sonickleen is an excellent solution for us. The detergents specifically developed by Safetykleen to clean our copper and brass parts are of high quality, as well as the service offered.
The ultrasonic tank provides us with better working conditions and eliminates the risks associated with solvents, odors and the arduous task of cleaning.
Time saving makes the investment profitable. Calculate how much time per month you pay an employee to manually clean things ... while the ultrasonic cleaner is working, you can outsource other more profitable jobs to your employees.

Filipe Madeira, After Sales Manager at Novaldelta France, Delta Cafés Group
Delta Cafés parts cleaning before safetykleen parts cleaning after
safetykleen parts cleaning before safetykleen parts cleaning after

Results: Safetykleen watches over the coffee beans!

Safetykleen’s All-in-One service met the initial expectations of Delta Cafés, which wanted to change its cleaning products to a safer solution and even exceeded them thanks to the study which identifies other issues related to their cleaning solution.

Occupational health and safety aspects at the heart of the solution
Our solutions are guaranteed to be non-hazardous to the health and safety of operators who were previously exposed to the acid bath for parts cleaning. They are also non-flammable for more safety assurance. The cleaning process is also closed to avoid any exposure to fluids and allows parts to be loaded and unloaded easily with an automated lifting platform in its bin.

Save time and money
As the cleaning process does not require any intervention or monitoring, operators can once again concentrate on their daily activities. The parts are also ready for use after a quick rinse and thanks to the detergent solution chosen, they will have a maximum extended lifespan in order to avoid the production of waste and the purchase of new parts.

Effectiveness of the solution for optimal cleaning
Even though the acid bath can clean parts, ultrasound technology combined with our chemical solution can return the parts to as good as new, while ensuring residue-free cleaning in every nook and cranny.

A fully compliant solution for more peace of mind
Our “All-in-One” service ensures that Delta Café Group is fully compliant with the storage of hazardous products, by replacing the acid with a detergent solution without C.O.V. and providing service at 6 week intervals to replenish their site with solution and drain the machine. Safetykleen also manages and processes the waste generated by the solution at its ICPE * classified sites, which frees Delta Cafés from any related administrative or logistical tasks.

Environmental Protection
Our water-based solutions, without C.O.V. and ultrasound technology have replaced the acid tank and are environmentally friendly, they are also classified as non-hazardous and comply with current regulations.
Enviromental protection is a commitment dear to Delta Cafés, which is also involved in a process of sustainable entrepreneurial practices in favor of respect for the environment.

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* ICPE : Classified Installations for the Protection of the Environment