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A new, interactive, multilingual website for Safetykleen, the world’s leading provider of parts cleaning services.

We are Safetykleen. Our full service model offers you a cleaner, ​quicker, safer, better-value solution for all your parts washing and industrial machine cleaning needs.

Our expert team has years of experience supporting industries and companies like yours. They are trained to understand what you need, provide a regular high-quality service and to work with your team and support you, whatever challenges you face.

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Machine, specialised cleaning fluids and waste removal. All for a regular, predictable monthly fee and no additional set-up costs!

Why Safetykleen?

Over more than 40 years delivering consistent surface-cleaning ​solutions through successful partnerships with many globally recognised brands, we have built a world-leading reputation for:


Our specially designed parts-cleaning machines deliver consistent cleaning results every time. We’ll replace the cleaning fluids for your machine at regular intervals to maximise your cleaning efficiency.


Our fast, effective parts washers minimise operator involvement, leaving your team free for other tasks. Our dedication to enhancing our services drives our ongoing product development cycle and helps you maximise efficiency and profitability. Our regular services ensure that your machines are fully operational at all times.


Safetykleen was founded on the principles of reducing hazards in the workplace, and an expert focus on delivering customer compliance with EH&S legislation remains a core ​philosophy. We consider every aspect of waste reduction when delivering our products, services and operations. Our product development ensures many of our chemicals are not classed as hazardous use and our parts washers limit operator exposure.