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How to reduce the environmental impact of parts washing processes

Date: 4 September 2023 | Category: How to...

In recent years, we have been increasingly confronted with alarming and frequent news about global warming, air pollution, and the occurrence of natural disasters. Safetykleen, in its own small way, supports its customers in transitioning to less impactful parts washer solutions with the aim of achieving more sustainable maintenance and production processes. Let’s delve a little more into how parts washing can contribute to reducing the impact of industrial processes on the environment.

How to reduce the environmental impact through the washing of parts and components?

Professional and state-of-the-art parts and components washing solutions can help companies mitigate numerous environmental issues.

  • Replace solvent and hydrochloric acid degreasers with environmentally safer cleaning solutions

In addition to presenting significant health risks from prolonged exposure, solvents can damage air quality through the dispersion of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which contribute to air pollution and ozone formation. Moreover, accidental spills of solvents and corrosive substances can harm the ecosystem and disrupt its chemical balance, especially in groundwater and surface water, due to their high toxicity to aquatic organisms.

Safetykleen advocates for replacing these products with effective water-based, VOC-free, and “non-hazardous” detergents that achieve optimal cleaning results while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Extend the life of industrial machinery with an effective parts cleaning process.


An effective parts washing process facilitates maintenance operations in production plants, effectively removing accumulations and deposits of lubricant-cooling oils and processing residues even from the most hard-to-reach areas such as blind spots or complex designs.

Thoroughly cleaned machine parts are easier to inspect, ensuring timely repairs or replacements and thereby avoiding more severe damage to the plant during breakdowns.

Additionally, immaculate parts cleaning enables easy reassembly or application of protective substances, thereby prolonging their functionality. Extending the machinery’s useful life reduces the environmental footprint of its life cycle and diminishes the production of potentially hazardous waste.

In accordance with the Waste Hierarchy outlined in Directive 2008/98/EC establishing policies for waste treatment in the European Union, waste reduction and reuse are the preferred options for conserving raw materials and minimizing environmental impact.

Consult Our Experts for Tailored Parts Cleaning Solutions

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Reduce production waste with suitable and effective washing processes

Industrial production often involves numerous processing phases that leave residues on products, requiring their removal before advancing to the next phase. Consequently, interoperational washing processes must be tailored to the contaminant type, piece material, shape, and subsequent processing phase to optimize production quality and minimize waste generation.

Reduce energy consumption by using well-insulated workpiece washing machines

Our machines are designed to reduce energy consumption through excellent thermal insulation, which also contributes to reducing noise pollution.

Minimizing chemical consumption with closed-loop machines and proper detergent dilution

Employing parts washing machines equipped with a detergent recirculation mechanism significantly reduces consumption. Detergents can be reused effectively until they are exhausted. Depending on machinery usage and part contamination levels, detergent replacement may only be necessary every three months. Furthermore, when used in combination with an efficient part washing machine, this approach allows for the use of lower chemical concentrations, further reducing consumption.

Safetykleen offers comprehensive solutions that encompass the supply of parts washers, regular detergent supply, machine emptying, maintenance and refilling, as well as collection and disposal of spent detergents. Regular servicing minimizes chemical and waste storage, thereby reducing on-site risk levels.

Safetykleen leverages its expertise in parts cleaning to enhance productivity, quality, and compliance for its customers. However, our mission extends beyond this scope. Through our comprehensive solutions, we provide customers with enhanced safety and well-being for their operators while contributing to a reduced environmental impact. For a safer and cleaner planet.