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Paint gun cleaners

That we'll install without any up-front costs


Cleaning fluid

Tailored to your cleaning needs and supplied at regular intervals



So your staff know how to get the best out of your spray-gun cleaner



Regular servicing and cleaning is included in the price


Waste removal

We'll collect your used cleaning fluid, dispose of it and handle the compliance

A clean spray gun is critical to achieving the perfect paint finish

Our fully managed service includes a cleaning machine designed with the help of spray-gun manufacturers to eliminate contaminating traces of grease, oil, dust and other dirt.

You can even test our machines and services with a free trial!


Machines, specialised cleaning fluids and waste removal. All for a single monthly fee and no additional set-up costs!


An all-inclusive service

A spray-gun cleaner, a supply of cleaning solution, regular service and maintenance, waste management and environmental compliance. All included as standard.


No capital outlay

A fixed monthly fee ensures effective and efficient parts washing without the need to purchase any expensive machinery.


Flexible solutions

Our service changes with you. Should your parts cleaning needs change, Safetykleen's wide range of machines and cleaning chemicals mean it's easy to adapt.

The Safetykleen spray-gun cleaner range

Cleaning spray guns between colour changes is critical to the success of any paint job. Our Paintkleen range includes the machines and cleaning fluid you need to deliver the productivity and quality demanded by leading paint shops everywhere.

Machines to suit your needs

Choose between manual and automatic machines designed to clean both gravity and suction fed spray guns, and between solvent or water-based cleaning solutions according to the paint you use.

Great paint cleaning results

Take advantage of automatic wash functions that remove the bulk of the the paint, then finish and inspect the cleaned guns manually. Clean rinsing to finish gives outstanding results every time.

Safety and efficiency

Any waste thinners used are removed and recycled to reduce your VOCs and minimise waste, and our machines’ low-volume fluid use means more cleaning cycles can be completed before the fluid needs to be replaced.



Find out how we have helped our customers increase the productivity, quality and compliance of their parts washing processes.

Safetykleen have supported our specific requirements and delivered successful solutions. This has enabled us to lower related non-conformance and increase productivity and efficiency.

Leonardo Helicopters

With these automated machines from Safetykleen we can put everything in in one go and 30 minutes later they come out clean… It literally save us hours in man hours.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Production quality is the key factor in the manufacturing of our components. That’s why we use Safetykleen – to make sure that our components are consistently cleaned to a high standard.

Alco Valves

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About Safetykleen

Over more than 40 years as the market leader in parts cleaning and surface treatment services we have built a worldwide reputation for:


Specially designed paint spray-gun cleaners, combined with tailored cleaning fluids, deliver great-value, high-quality cleaning every time.


Fast, effective machines leave your team free for other tasks. Regular servicing means your machines are fully operational at all times.


Reducing workplace hazards was one of our founding principles, and delivering customer compliance with EH&S legislation is still at the heart of what we do.

Every day, our experts help over 16,000 customers around the UK achieve consistent, efficient high-quality parts cleaning.

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