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Looking to save money on parts washers?

For a predictable monthly fee, we will provide:

  • The machine & chemistry you need

  • Safe disposal of your used chemistry

  • Regular servicing, cleaning & fresh chemistry

  • All your compliance paperwork

If you need to clean grease, oil, rust, dust or other soils from your parts and components, our fully managed service is designed to save you time and money.

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Buying a new ​​parts-cleaning machine ​may seem like the obvious choice, but you’ll still need to:

  • Source a supply of cleaning chemicals.
  • Dispose of used chemicals and waste in a compliant manner.
  • Deal with the costs when your machine breaks down.
  • Accept that incompletely cleaned parts may still be reducing your overall efficiency.

Work with Safetykleen and, as well as providing you with a state of the art machine from our Aquakleen range, we’ll:

  • Identify the correct cleaning chemistry for your needs.
  • Train your team so that you get the best from your machine.
  • Clean and service your machine at agreed intervals.
  • Provide you with a regular supply of fresh cleaning chemistry.
  • Remove used cleaning chemistry and dispose of it safely for you.
  • Deal with all the associated compliance paperwork.

Machine, specialised cleaning fluids and waste removal. All for a regular, predictable monthly fee and no additional set-up costs!

Introducing Aquakleen

Our aqueous parts washers deliver the powerful cleaning performance of a solvent machine but without the need for harsh, hazardous chemicals.

The range includes a manual parts washer with a flow-through brush that directs cleaning solution onto parts and sweeps away loosened dirt, a heated detergent reservoir to deliver fast, effective cleaning and drying, and a soak tank to help remove of stubborn soil. And if you need to clean a number parts in a short time, or want to clean something big, our automatic parts washers offer efficient, hands-free cleaning thanks to a combination of motor-driven baskets and high performance spray pumps.

Why Safetykleen?

Over more than 40 years as the market leader in parts cleaning and surface treatment services we have built a worldwide reputation for:


Specially designed parts washers, combined with tailored chemistry, deliver consistent high-quality cleaning every time.


Fast, effective machines leave your team free for other tasks. Regular servicing means your machines are fully operational at all times.


Reducing workplace hazards was one of our founding principles, and delivering customer compliance with EH&S legislation is still at the heart of what we do.

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